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  • √ 3 STANDARDS FOR A GOOD LEATHER BRACELET – Safe Material(Lead and nickel free tested),Experienced Handmade(Handcrafted by 15 years+ experience artisans),Reasonable Price(Zahlen Sie nur für das produkt selbst).
    √ NO HARM TO HEALTH MATERIAL USED – The product is made of luxury quality hypoallergenic titanium steel,medical grade magnets and genuine leather.All of our magnetic clasps are guaranteed to be harmless to the human body, made of hypoallergenic titanium steel and inserted with Medical grade magnets.The glue we use also controls the formaldehyde in a safe range.
    √ INSIST ON HANDMADE – We are one of the few merchants who still insist on pure hand-made products.Although machine production can save costs, it will degrade the quality of goods.There may be Errors of +/-0.5mm that would never affect your normal use.

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