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Hanna Hats

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  • PREMIUM MATERIALS | While many traditional Irish flat caps come in familiar tweed wool and patchwork designs, this cap takes a unique turn, being handmade from 100% linen. Linen is a fabric that is known for its notable strength, breathability, softness, and lightweight feel, making it perfect for a flat cap that can be worn all day and night and also all year round, even in warm weather.
    FINE CRAFTSMANSHIP | The smooth texture of the linen truly allows the hat’s sharp silhouette to shine, featuring graceful lines and seams and on the sides that create a neat look that tapers towards the front.
    PEAK STUD FASTENER | Included for style comfort and versatility is a stud fastener that fastens the peak of the hat to the brim, allowing the cap to be worn full-bodied for a stately effect or sloped at the front for a sportier feel.

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