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Oscar entry-level tissues

Oscar entry-level tissues


Six premium men’s handkerchiefs. Assortment of 4 x 3 dominant blue colours in crystal bag.
A rather thin dyed 100% woven cotton. 40cm x 40cm/15.75″ x 15.75″ (Approx.) Machine stitched hem flat. Good colour fastness when washed at 90 °C with a very slight shrinkage. Easy to iron after line drying.
Entrance level tissues with low density and perfect finish.

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Six first price men’s handkerchiefs. 4 times 3 colours with predominant blue in a crystal bag.
A rather fine dyed 100% cotton woven fabric. 40cm x 40cm/15.75″ x 15.75″ (Approx.) Machine stitched hem. Good colour fastness when washing at 90° with very slight shrinkage. Easy to iron after drying with a clothesline.
Low-density “entry-level” handkerchiefs with perfect finishes.
For other handkerchiefs at low prices, type “Merrysquare Merlin” in the search bar.
Over 230 fabric tissue patterns on the French specialist seller Merrysquare.

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