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  • HJ Hall 1351 Diabetic Socks — Comfort fit designed for specificially for diabetics —- Accredited by the Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.— Unconditional 6 Month Guarantee —
    Breathable – 94 % Cotton Rich — Non-Restrictive Top — Fully Cushioned Foot — Smooth Toe Seam
    The non-restrictive top is a loose knit mesh to prevent restriction of blood flow and improve comfort for swollen ankles.

  • Happy Socks colorful patterned socks are made from premium cotton material, ensuring a cozy fit for your feet every time. These colorful and fun patterned socks will make you feel at home wherever you go and brighten up your day along the way.
    STYLES: Our comfortable, cotton patterned socks come in a variety of our signature styles. Each style adds a bit of color to your everyday outfit. Lounge around in them or go about your daily activities in style.
    COLORFUL: Our colorful patterned sock styles include: Diamond, Palm Beach, Umbrella, Basket, Checkered Stripe, Wavy Stripe, and many more. Show off your unique style with a fashionable pair of Happy Socks’ colorful patterned socks

Showing all 2 results


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